Welcome to The TransFamily Alliance Network

A Support Community for Parents Raising Trans Youth welcoming ALL beautifully diverse families

About Us

The TransFamily Alliance is a collaboration between parents on their own gender journeys raising trans children and  Dr. Shawn V Giammattei the founder & director of Gender Health Training Institute, a clinical family psychologist, and a gender specialist who has helped hundreds of parents like you raising transgender or gender expansive youth.

Why You Should Join Us

We’re truly better together! 

We have built a community and repository of resources that meets your needs, that is there when you need it, and supports you on your own gender journey. A community that will provide you with all you need to move from confusion & fear to confidence & clarity on your journey raising a transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive child. 

You no longer need to feel like you are all alone in this.

All parents are welcome here! We are better together!

TransFamily Alliance supports parents from all backgrounds and holds as part of its mission a full commitment to be supportive and accountable to issues of diversity. We welcome all parents regardless of age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style, and background to our community and believe that our backgrounds bring a richness to our community.

We support BIPOC parents and the Black Lives Matter movement.
If any of us suffer, we all suffer. All Black Lives Matter!